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All too often companies are spending all their Internet marketing budgets on a beautiful website design, but what good is pretty site if NO ONE SEEs IT?


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Website Design & Development

good site = optimized site + good design

Your site design is the store front on the Internet. It's appearance tells alot about what you are... or what you are not.


Search Engine Optimization

search-engine-optimizationSearch Engine Optimization (SEO) is the key to getting more customers for very little cost. Without optimization, your site will rarely be seen, and every company should want to improve their ranking In the seach engines for their targeted keywords.  Our proven methodology will improve your site ranking effectively and quickly.




Your web hosting company should be able to handle the complexity of your site, give adequate storage space and bandwidth, and scale as your needs grow. Our hosting plans range from small shared plans to complex dedicated servers and everything in between.  We offer free website templates as well to get you up and running quickly with reports to help track statistics.


Optimized Website Design

website-designOptimization and design and very different, but for an effective website one depends on the other. Many companies will build you a beautiful site, but it is critical that a site be built with the end in mind - bringing visitors to your site, and converting them to clients. An optimized website design is vital for both your customers and search engines.


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Website Optimization Internet Marketing, and Web Design

Organic Search Engine Optimization, Internet Marketing Strategy and Website design are the primary keys in the digital age.

The Internet is changing the way that we learn, shop and live. We get our news online. We buy products and services online. We learn about our sicknesses and how to fix things that need repaired - online. We use the Internet to research almost everything we purchase before buying, and more and more we are making those purchases online as well.

Did You Know?85% of those that use the Internet start with an Internet search to find the required information.
93% of those that do Internet searches do not look past the fist page of results.

Adapt or be left behind - Content is KING!!!

You may not be aware, but Googel has made some pretty big changes to the way they index websites.  They are making a big effort to be able to deliver search results based on the effective, relevant content of a website.  Many business have seen their website fall top search engine results becasue of these changes. If your businesses does not adapt to using the Internet effectively and create an effective relevant website... your competition surely will. If your potential clients are not seeing your website, they are seeing your competitor's website and chances are, they are buying their products and services instead of yours.

Important questions to ask about your Internet marketing…

  • Do the search engines see and rank my website?
  • Are the people that are visiting my website interested in my products and services or did they come by mistake?
  • When a potential client visits my site, are they getting the information they are searching for?
  • Does my website convert visitors into customers?
  • Can I measure the progress of my Internet marketing objectives?

Organic Search Engine Optimization

Our goal for our clients is: increase site ranking -> increase relevant traffic -> convert visitors into clients. We accomplish this through effectively creating fresh unique content, strategic building links to your website, submitting articles, comments to directories, blogs and forums and last but certainly not least… measuring and tracking the performance of your website objectives and traffic analytics.

Onsite Optimization

  • Creating new and fresh optimized content
  • Optimize pages with metadata and keywords
  • Optimizing site code, navigation and ease of use

Offsite Optimization

  • Creating content in other relevant blogs and forums
  • Building SEO optimized backlinks to your site
  • Submitting your site to pertinent directories, forums and associations

Website Design and Development

Your website is the face of your business.  The website design is the tool that either invites your customer in or quickly scares them away.An effective website should convey the right message to your potencial customers and communicate who you are, what you do, how you do it anad why customers should pick you... all of this has to be communicated in approximately 5 seconds.  

We visist hundres of website every week.  Most of them we only give a glance and move on to the next site that may look more professional or more trustworthy.  That does not nesocarily ean they are better, but they got our attention and we purchased their products and services.

What does your website communicate to your customers?  Often times we need an unbiased viewer to tell us the truth about how effective our site really is. After all, if your website is not meeting its objective, why waste your money on Internet marketing?

Nube 9 helped me get my site on the first page of Google, and bring customers interested in our products and services. Thanks Nube 9.

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